Adriatic Yacht Charter from Sails Up

The subtropical climate of the Mediterranean is calling. In the unique scenic setting of the Adriatic Sea, a fun and relaxing getaway is not far. Sails Up—a yacht charter — offers yachts for rent for sailing expeditions on the Adriatic Sea. Yacht charters offer superb possibilities for travel to several destinations while having accommodations simultaneously. Amongst the many benefits to taking a sailing expedition with Sails Up are visiting iconic cities and islands, viewing breathtaking architecture and sunsets, the best in Mediterranean cuisine, and memories that will last a lifetime.

The seven-day trip with the yacht charter provides a magical experience that nature enthusiasts and sightseers will be talking about for a lifetime. The Island of Dalmatia has some of the most pristine waters in Europe. Several untouched habitats exist nearby with animals such as the Griffon Vulture. Dolphins are also commonly spotted swimming in the clear, blue water. Visit the islands of Solta and Vis where phenomenal secluded coves await. Croatian architecture of churches and forts along with their amazing seafood cuisine is not to be missed. sailsup-51

The Adriatic yacht charter, Sails Up, offers excitement. Croatia has some of the best scenery in Europe. Its rich coastline is adorned with a multitude of colors entranced in the magic of the Mediterranean. For instance, the Hvar Island is known as one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

In addition to the island nightlife, Sails Up offers nightly party experiences. Travel during Week 27 and experience the biggest music festival of Croatia. Situated on a large, flowered terrace, enjoy the many tasty treats of the Carpe Diem Bar. At night, deep bass thumps the harbor from exciting electronic music. The Carpe Diem Beach Club offers exquisite food, beverages, and amazing views overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

Sails Up offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The beautiful fauna, sun setting over the Adriatic, exciting nightlife, delicious food, finest in beverages, shopping experiences, local culture, and more make Croatia and the Adriatic an experience that can’t–and shouldn’t–be missed.

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