Being a skipper on Sails up

The adventure begins with a flight to Split and a bus trip towards the Marina Kaštela. There I met with my fellow skipper Vid, with whom I went to arrange and prepare the boats. We had prepared everything so the crew’s only task was to go to the store and get everything on the boat.

When everything was ready we went outside for a swim, sunbathe and sail. We got to know our boat and each other a little bit better. According to the plan we should have gone towards the island of Šolta but there was something even greater going on that week. The week was all about Ultra Europe music festival. The biggest music event in southern Europe, right next to the Adriatic Sea in a town called Split. The town is a 20 minute drive from marina Kaštela, which makes sailing with Sails up and partying on Ultra Europe, a perfect combination.

Let’s not recall the nights on Ultra but to give you a hint on how the first two days looked like – it’s partying by night, sleeping in the mornings and sailing and swimming during the day.

To continue your dreams, on our third day we went straight towards the Island of Hvar. We were parked right in front of the city on the buoys. I’m sure you can’t imagine what kind of a party two boats can make but I can give you my word that it can be and was amazing. Considering the wishes of the crews, we stayed on Hvar one more night, just to be sure we have experienced everything.

While most of the crew was still asleep, we started the engines and headed out towards the island of Vis. When the wind picked up, we started sailing. Our route took us by the Pakleni Islands, which are one of the most beautiful small islands around. The short journey to the island of Vis ended with a swim, photo shooting and sunbathing at the Stiniva beach. This is the most beautiful beach on the Adriatic Sea surrounded by high cliffs. After having some time to relax, we raced towards the Komiža bay. It was an easy night out, with some sightseeing in the evening and dinner on the boats, while tied on the buoys. We woke up early, to make a race towards the Blue cave. It doesn’t matter who won… unfortunately me and my crew lost, but it’s about the destination not the trip.

Me and Vid stayed and watched out the boats, while the crews went into the Blue cave. It is an awesome cave because the sunlight breaks in through the rock and with the water combined makes an awesome blue light. It’s magical. We continued our sailing race to the city of Vis.

The Island of Vis had two big party places at the time. The first one was at Komiža bay, to which we went on our first evening by bus. It was a beach party, which was unforgettable. Swimming, dancing and partying all night long. Considering there was a party on the castle in the city of Vis as well, we surely stayed one more night there. Imagine a castle from about 1810, named Fort George, with a DJ and lots of people. If you combine these two things you get a great party, by which you will remember this great Island of Vis.

On the last day we slept a bit through the morning, and went back to marina Kaštela to end this unforgettable event.


Remember, you are there to have fun and enjoy and we, skippers, are there to make it all happen. And one more thing, no matter how crazy or cautious, us, skippers sound, we are always right.

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