Best Seasons to Sail the Adriatic Sea

If you have dreams of cruising up and down the coastline of southern Europe, you are not alone. Whether you have plans to explore the Adriatic Sea on a chartered yacht or if your plans for sailing the Adriatic take you on a cruise ship to exciting ports of call, you understandably want to pay attention to the weather conditions. The Adriatic Sea is located in a mid-latitude area just north of the Mediterranean Sea, and its weather conditions can vary significantly from season to season. If you want to have the most enjoyable travel experience possible when you sail around Croatia or explore other ports of call, you want to select your travel dates carefully.

Sailing  in city of Zadar waterfrontThe best months to sail around Croatia or to explore other locations along the Adriatic coastline are June, July, and August. During these months of the year, the high temperatures for the day are typically in the eighties and rainfall is lower than it is during any other time of the year. The coolest and wettest months of the year are typically during December, January, and February. The average daily high during these months is usually in the forties or fifties. The other months of the year are generally transitional. While the temperatures may be warmer on some days during these transitional months, the fact is that it can be more difficult to predict weather conditions due to the passage of frontal boundaries and other related weather conditions.

If you are thinking about sailing the Adriatic, you should begin looking at travel dates during June, July, and August to enjoy the most pleasant temperatures. During these months, you can spend a considerable amount of time outdoors enjoying sunny, warm weather conditions. Sailing can be downright miserable when the air is cold or during rainstorms, so paying attention to weather conditions and seasonal changes in climate can help you to maximize the good times on your trip.

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