Day Four: Pakleni Islands to Vis Island, city of Komiza

The fourth day of Sails Up experience included a trip from the Pakleni Islands to Vis Island, the city of Komiza with surroundings. If the first day was just a start and the second day brought along unforgettable memories with a crazy party in the city of Hvar, we obviously  needed the third day to relax on the Pakleni Islands!

The morning was amazing! We woke up to beautiful morning light with the sun rising over the gulf. The perfect way to start the day was to jump into the clear blue water and have  a swim. It’s not a morning coffee or breakfast that awakes you at Sails Up, it’s the clear Adriatic Sea. You feel refreshed immediately! Starting the day with a swim in the clear blue water is like a dream!
day 4 slika 4


After a morning swim, breakfast and coffee, we start sailing towards our next destination – the Island of Vis, the city of Komiza. The day was beautiful, the sun was shining, the wind started to blow and we were sailing. It’s impossible to describe this moment with words, you can feel it! You can feel it onlywith Sails Up!

day 4 slika 7


After sailing for a couple of hours we arrived to the town of Komiza on the island of Vis. You will definitely be impressed when you arrive to this small town where time seems to have stopped.

day 4 slika 1day 4 slika 5


BTW: The Island of Vis is probably the cleanest part of the Adriatic Sea because it is the farthest island off the mainland. Having been declared a military zone in 1944, Vis was inaccessible to all foreigners until 1989.

We tied our sailboats and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. Some of us went ashore for a sightseeing tour of the island with scooters, the rest of us stayed to chill and move on the beach of the town where we enjoyed the warm Dalmatian sun.

day 4 slika 3day 4 slika 6


Before going back to the sailboat to get ready  for  dinner, we watched the sun go down. We enjoyed in the sunset drinking our cocktails.

day 4 slika 9


The day was far from being over! We continued our evening in very relaxed. Dinner at Jastozera. One of the best restaurants in the Adriatic, famous for the lobster, stars from all over the world come to this restaurant with private jets just for a dinner in Jastozera. The dinner was amazing, fresh seafood, great local wine and beautiful company with a lot of fun.

day 4 slika 2



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