Day Two: Sesula Bay to Hvar Island

The second day of Sails up experience included a trip from Sesula Bay to Hvar Island. If the first day was just a start, the second day, which by the way was Sunday, brought us unforgettable memories.

The morning was magical! We woke up in beautiful morning light with sun rising over the coast. After a long night of getting to know as many fellow sailors as possible, the perfect way to start the day was jumping into clear blue waters. It’s not coffee, neither breakfast, which awakes you at Sails Up, rather it’s pure Adriatic Sea. You feel refreshed immediately!

Sesula Bay to Hvar Island
Sesula Bay to Hvar Island

After a quick morning swim, breakfast and coffee, we continued sailing towards our next destination – Island of Hvar. On the way to Hvar all of us tried navigating the sailboat and helping the skipper to put the mainsail up for the first time. It was like learning how to drive a car all over again. 🙂 You can’t imagine how hard it is to remember all the details at once, but believe, at the end you will feel as experienced sailor. 😉

Sesula Bay to Hvar Island

After sailing for a couple of hours, we arrived to town of Hvar. Without exaggerating, you will definitely be amazed when you arrive to this town in the heart of Dalmatia – a view from a sailboat totally differs from the one in the bay. BTW: Island of Hvar has been voted as one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world and has become the most popular destination for a crazy night out on the Adriatic.

Sesula Bay to Hvar Island

Sesula Bay to Hvar Island

We tied our sailboats to buoys and enjoyed a relaxed afternoon. Some guys went ashore for lunch and sight-seeing, rest of us stayed to chill on the decks and warm our bodies beneath the warm Dalmatian sun.

Sesula Bay to Hvar Island
Sesula Bay to Hvar Island

Soon it was time for a beach party at the Hula Hula Beach Club! The party started at 5 pm and shortly we discovered we had a perfect spot to watch the sun go down. So we grabbed our cocktails, listened to house rhythms and enjoyed in the sunset.

Hula Hula Beach Club


The party finished after the sunset, so we went back to our sailboats for dinner. The day was far from being finished! We continued our evening in relaxed fashion. Around 11 pm it was time to go to our next stop, Carpe Diem Bar, which is one of the most renewed bars on the island. We enjoyed in good vibrations at the large cosy and flowering terrace, but at 2 am it was time to move on. Pink Champagne club was our last act of the day which turned out to be a start of next one … day three was already starting.

Carpe Diem Bar

Pink Champagne

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