Different Boats You Can Rent in Croatia

Boating along the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea is a great way to enjoy good times with your friends, family, or business clients. You can escape the polluted urban centers for the wide open, fresh, clean air of the sea. Here is a list of different boats you can rent from a sailboat charter in Croatia.

Rich History of the Adriatic Sea

The Croatian regions of Dubrovnik, Pula, Rijeka, Sibenik, Split, and Zadar have seen thousands of years of rich history. Visit the historical town where the Siege of Zadar took place.

A Croatian sailboat charter allows you to enjoy a wide range of water recreation. You can swim with the common bottlenose dolphin or observe some of the other 7,000 animal and plant species in the Adriatic Sea. There are 48 permanently-inhabited islands off the Croatian coast. You can examine the amazing topography caused by Karstification.

sailboat charters in croatia

Choose From Different Boats in Croatia

You can choose from a number of great boats when you use a sailboat charter in Croatia. It does not matter if you are an experienced yachtsman or a novice, there will be a cruise package that fits you. Select the ideal boat based on your sailing experience level, comfort requirements, and group size.

A sailboat charter allows you to sail the vessel yourself or hire a crew to allow you to relax. Here are some of the options for boats:

+ Rib – Smaller, inflatable boat (also called tinder or dinghy) better for short excursions.
+ Wooden or Steel Gulet – Similar to a Turkish trading ship, measuring 14 to 35 meters.
+ Catamarans – More stable option with double hull, requires more navigation skills, a more romantic option.
+ Motor Sailer – Traditional sailing boat with a motor for emergency.
+ Motor Boat – Powerful option for reaching your destination quickly.
+ Luxury Yacht – Experienced crew ready to serve you and your guests.

When you have decided upon your requirements for a boat, contact the professionals at Sails Up! Visit today to see all the great options available for an exciting sailboat charter around Croatia.

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