Every Day Is a New Adventure at Sails Up

Sailing is more than a regular sports activity on the docks of Sails Up yachts. It is a new way of living your life. It is a get away from the regular lifestyle, amidst people from all around the world. Travelers on the Sails Up yachts wake up to experience a completely new adventure. Not just the travelers who hire Sails Up yachts but also the crew members and skipper enjoy working over here.

 Croatian Islands

Sails Up yachts travel all around Croatian Islands, taking its inmates to a new party location every day. It takes you to some of the greatest locations on the Croatian land with great food, good music and astounding views. Unlike other sailing companies, or yachts, fun on Sails Up never ends. There is spontaneity of activities and parties keeping all the inmates in happy and positive mood throughout the trip. As long as you are with Sails Up, every moment of your life will be full of life.

Even though you are with unknown people o the boat, but it feels like home. You can spend your day the way you wish. Relax in your cabin, roam around the docks, spend time under the sun, and rejoice mesmerizing sea views but as the day comes to an end, the real fun starts. Every night there is a party full of fun, music, food, drinks and a lot of activities bringing strangers close. You will end up making great friends for the rest of your life during the period spent on Sails Up.

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