“Everyone who loves sea, nature and is a little bit of adventurer will enjoy the trip!”

sea, nature
Anita Bukljas thinks that everyone who loves sea, nature and is a little bit of adventurer will enjoy the trip as much as she had. She describes herself as an adventurer and optimistic person who is always smiling. She is in love with tasty food, sea, parties and always likes to have a good company.

SAILS UP: What has been your favourite moment on Sails Up?

ANITA: There has been so many of them thus it’s very hard to pick just one. Anyway, if I have to pick, I would say that visiting The Blue Cave and cliff diving were the ones which I liked the most.

SAILS UP: What are your favourite spots on Sails Up and why?

ANITA: Like I said, The Blue Cave was great because of its natural phenomenon – glowing blue light that appears at certain times of day. Furthermore, I liked the cliff diving because of the height we reached and adrenaline which poured my veins. It was breath-taking! I also shouldn’t forget to mention the Laganini Lounge Bar, as it’s the most gorgeous and creative lounge I’ve ever seen. Besides, they have really tasty food there.

sea, natureSAILS UP: What do you like the most about Sails Up?

ANITA: I liked the team we had! Everyone was so friendly and we were all like one big family. I have to say that trip was really well organised.

SAILS UP: What do you like the most about sailing?

ANITA: I simply like the sailing feeling itself. You lay down on one island and you wake up on another or somewhere in the middle of the sea. 😉 A swimsuit is your daily dress and the best way to wake up in the morning is simply by jumping into water. 🙂

SAILS UP: Is it hard to spend seven days in a boat with people you don’t know?

ANITA: No, it wasn’t hard for me at all! Like I said, we were an amazing team and we spent 7 wonderful days together. We shared great moments and had time of our lives!

sea, natureSAILS UP: How the ordinary day on Sails Up looks like?

ANITA: From my point of view it looks like this: You wake up around 10am, get yourself in a swimsuit and you chill on the deck. During day you have lunch on a yacht or you go ashore for lunch or coffee. You can take a tour around island or town or you search for hidden beaches and places. You spend evening dining and having fun at local clubs and pubs. Anyway, there are days when you spend your evening on yachts talking and having fun with other crew members.

SAILS UP: Why should people come to Sails Up?

ANITA: Because of the wonderful experience that cannot be compared to any other. I really had the best time of my life! I’ve met new people, discovered new places, tasted new food and sailed for the first time.

SAILS UP: Will you go to Sails Up next year as well and why?

ANITA: Of course I will! Once I’ve experienced sailing it became my passion. I cannot describe it in any different way, but I am sure that everyone who loves sea, nature and is a little bit of adventurer will enjoy the trip as much as I had.

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