Are you looking for a dream job? Look no further!

dream job

Looking for a dream job? Have you ever questioned yourself how nice would it be to spend summer under the hot Mediterranean sun? You have an opportunity of your lifetime in the palm of your hand! Join us on our adventurous path to create the ultimate experience in Croatia! We are offering new job opportunities.

We are currently looking for brand ambassadors (BA’s) in several countries worldwide: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France & Spain.

Work for us is a life style and always fun. You will get the opportunity to travel, meet a whole lot of people, fill up your resume and get extensive work experience. And don’t forget, you’ll spend your summer like never before! It’ll be your lifetime experience.

We are in search of intelligent, motivated, enthusiastic individuals to promote Sails Up at your university or in your region! In the first few months a BA will lead a joint marketing campaign in his/her area to help promote out our amazing experience.

Work with us and spend your days at magnificent places you could only dream of! Contact us on and we’ll schedule an appointment to speak with you for further details!


Sails Up provides an adventurous experience of sailing, sightseeing, partying and so much more. Spend seven days sailing the most breath-taking islands in Croatia. Together with great people from all over the world explore historic towns, relax on board your own sailboat and spend the time of your life at the hottest local spots. Read more HERE.

dream job

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