"There are no ordinary days at Sails Up! Every day is special, every night is magical!"

There are no ordinary days at Sails UpAMUND NORMANN FEVANG believes that there are no ordinary days at Sails Up. He is an energetic, spontaneous and positive person, always looking for something fun to do. “You don’t need to be a rocket professor to understand that I love sport.” He is studying sport science but football is his passion. He is also into cross country skiing and snowboarding.

SAILS UP: What has been your favourite moment on Sails Up?

AMUND: To get something clear: Sails Up is the best vacation I’ve ever been on! There are some many special, funny and unforgettable moments! The first meeting whit our skipper Vid, who’s actually become a good friend of ours, sailing with dolphins, cliff diving, magical sunsets and crazy nightlife. The list is endless! If I still should pick my favourite moment it got to be the night at Vis Island. We went to this big beach party at night, and the DJ’s had some of the best playlist and remixes I’ve ever heard! We met many new friends and we were partying and chilling at the beach trough the whole night. We ended the night by having a crazy after party on our boat to 8 o’clock in the morning, where we threw one of the guys, who had fallen asleep, overboard fully clothed! You can see the video, and some other videos, of it at the end of this blog! Otherwise the after beach party’s at HULA HULA Beach club HVAR is amazing and always a winner.

SAILS UP: What are your favourite spots on Sails Up and why?

AMUND: Like I said earlier, there are many amazing spots, but I got to say Hvar Island. Hvar got everything! Beaches, culture, history, lots of stores of every kind, restaurants, hidden treasure places, and most important: great nightlife! Young people come from all over the world to experience Hvar!

SAILS UP: What do you like the most about Sails Up?

AMUND: I love the concept of the combination of sailing and partying! You experience so much more than if you just lay on a beach for a week in, let’s say, Magaluf! You got the crazy parties and you got to see some of the most beautiful places on earth in my opinion. You are also free to do whatever you want! The skipper give you a suggestion for where and what you should do, but you are free to go wherever you want! And finally, you get to meet amazing likeminded people.

SAILS UP: What do you like the most about sailing?

AMUND:  It got to be that you are free to go wherever you want, whenever you want. The feeling of jumping into the crystal clear water in the morning after a rough night is also worth mentioning!

There are no ordinary days at Sails Up

SAILS UP: Is it hard to spend seven days in a boat with people you don’t know?

AMUND: I don’t know actually, because I went with 7 of my friends. But I don’t think so! It may be a bit strange the first hours, but It is most likely likeminded people at your age having the same expectations as you, so what possible could go wrong?

SAILS UP: How the ordinary day on Sails Up looks like?

AMUND: There are no ordinary days at Sails Up! That is the great thing about it. Every day is special, every night is magical! But something is the same though. We usually start up early in the morning, all from 9-12 AM. The skipper was always the first one up, preparing the boat, playing the marina taxes ect.  Sometimes I was still sleeping when we left the marina, and it was amazing to wake up to a fresh breeze in your hair, and take a chill swim in the Adriatic sea,  then we would sail from 2-5 hours,  depending on what island we would go to, and what we would do on our way!  Usually we visited special places on the way, jumping from cliffs, visiting water caves and snorkelling.  In the early evening we would stop in the marina, always a exotic place and go out for dinner! Something I like a lot about Croatia is that they got all kinds of restaurants, and it is real cheap! After dinner we would go back to the boat, take some drinks, listening to music and prepare our self for a crazy night!

SAILS UP: Why should people come to Sails Up?

AMUND: People should come to Sails Up because it is something different! Like miles cirrus would have said it; you got the best of both worlds! You got to relax and enjoy beautiful places and hidden treasures, you got after beach parties, and you’ll party at some original and crazy spots like hidden beaches, amazing party Island like Carpe Diem Hvar, and you are even able to party at a few castles! You will meet amazing people, get new friends and have the best time of your life!  As I told earlier, our skipper this summer, Vid, has become a good friend of ours, and he have actually visited us in Norway!

There are no ordinary days at Sails Up

SAILS UP: Will you go to Sails Up next year as well and why?

AMUND: Definitely! We are going with the same group next summer, and more of our friends are also joining us!

Why? Because it’s #SailsUp!

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