Sailing Trip to Croatia- The Most Fun Trip Ever

Have you ever wondered about exploring the sea like those ancient sailors, discovering new locations, finding adventure every day and meeting new people on the trip? Well, sails up can turn your dream into reality with their seven day sailing trip. The trip takes you from Marina Kastela where the boat will be waiting for you along with rest of the travelers and crew going on the sailing trip.

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From there the seven day trip begins taking you around some of the popular travel destinations, small islands, historical locations and ancient villages around Croatia and back to the Marina Kastela.

During the trip, you will get to know your fellow travelers who were at first complete strangers and then became your friends for life. You can spend your day relaxing on the boat getting tan and feeling alive. If you wish to have a dip in the water, you can ask the crew to arrange it for you so that you can enjoy a safe sea dip. While each day is lazy and relaxed, every night is full of partying hard with great drinks and amazing music.

You will visit the popular Party Island of Croatia, Hvar during this trip to enjoy some of the popular musical nights and parties in entire Europe. You can relax in the resorts over here, meet amazing arty lovers and live up your dream every moment. Croatia is full of adventure for the travelers so do not forget to choose this sailing trip to explore Croatia and its real version with Sails Up.

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