“Sails Up was the best trip in my life. I am coming back next year!"

Sails Up was the best trip in my lifeEva Matijasevic believes: “Sails Up was the best trip in my life!” She was a part of the Sails Up crew this summer and is a student of architecture, which is currently her main occupation. She loves fitness, nature, dancing and she is a part-time model. She describes herself as a positive, open-minded, fun and full of energy girl. That’s why she likes to try out new experiences, get familiar with new lifestyles, cultures and people.

SAILS UP: What has been your favourite moment on Sails Up?

EVA: Let me see, I really enjoyed the simple feeling of sailing through the waves, lying on the deck and the sun warming my body. That gives you a really carefree feeling, like there is no other thing in the world, just you, the see and sun. I also loved the midnight swimming. Feeling of the see, sailboats surrounding you and million stars above you is just magical.

SAILS UP: What are your favourite spots on Sails Up and why?

EVA: I don’t want to repeat myself, but it is really hard to choose!! I think that Laganini Lounge Bar was my favourite one. Through the whole trip I really enjoyed sunsets and there was the best one I have experienced. We were sitting on this comfortable foam chairs, talking, sipping wine, appreciating the beauty of the ambient and watching the sun going down.

Sails Up was the best trip in my life
SAILS UP: What do you like the most about Sails Up?

EVA: What I like the most is that it gives you all – the restaurants and bars at the best locations, the best beaches, marinas, islands and I could go on and on. It is a really unique experience that offers so many things. At the end, you look back at the trip and you cannot decide what the best thing was, because the whole trip is soooo full of many different incredible and unbelievable moments!

SAILS UP: What do you like the most about sailing?

EVA: The best thing is that it gives you a very special feeling, like there is no work, school or problems worrying about, just you, the see and sun. You can really put your brain to sleep and just enjoy the sailing. Everyday you visit a different location what gives you an amazing feeling and makes the Sails Up experience really remarkable.

SAILS UP: Is it hard to spend seven days on a boat with people you don’t know?

Sails Up was the best trip in my lifeEVA: At first, I was a bit sceptic. I mean, how can you spend whole 7 days on a boat with so many different and unknown people? But after we »acclimated« to each other, we saw that we are actually a group of very similar people – positive, open-minded and who all have come to the Sails Up to have the best time of our lives.

SAILS UP: How the ordinary day on Sails Up looks like?

EVA: I really liked the mornings and waking up on the sea. Everyday I woke up on a different location and in different marina. And the felling? Great! About three times I woke up just before the sunrise. I prepared myself a breakfast and enjoyed eating it outside on the deck with the best possible view. Afterwards, we sailed out of a marine and enjoyed sailing through the waves. Later in a day girls usually prepared a lunch so the whole group would get together and eat. If we saw a great spot while sailing, we made a quick stop and jumped in the water, and just had fun. When arriving to a new location, we got dressed, put on high heels and dresses, and went to bars and clubs at the coast. For a day or two we also stayed on the sailboat and had a great evening with the whole crew.

Sails Up was the best trip in my lifeSAILS UP: Why should people come to Sails Up?

EVA: Because it is a lifetime experience! I expected the trip to be fun and unique, BUT, when it ended I couldn’t believe that I have seen so many new things, islands, made new friends, got countless lifetime memories and experienced a bunch of unbelievable feelings. I really cannot describe with words, how great it was!

SAILS UP: Will you go to Sails Up next year as well and why?

EVA: Hmm, let me think. Of course!! That was the best trip in my life, so why not make it again?!

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