Where You Will Go On the Seven Day Sailing Trip

By now, you must have discovered about the seven day sailing trip provided with Sails Up for the travelers. In these Seven days you will not only meet some of the amazing people but will also visit some of the most fun filled and extravagant parties organized ion entire Europe. Some of the music festivals organized in Croatia is known all around the world hence you will have a great time over here.

 Sailing Trip

Sails Up will not only take you to enjoy these parties and music festivals but will also provide several great opportunities to discover another version of Croatia through the visit to beautiful islands located in the Adriatic Sea. The trip will begin at the Marina Kastela, which is also your ending point.  The next stop will be the Sesula Solta Island where you will relish on delicious dinner as well as relax with a cool dip in the bay. Over here, you will also get the opportunity to interact with rest of the travelers and crew for the first time.

Then comes the ultimate party island, Hvar Island. It listed in some of the top beautiful islands in the world. If you are looking forward to have a crazy night out, this is the place for you to come. If you are not a people’s person, you can also enjoy your drinks on the beach as well. Apart from these two, there are Pakleni islands, Komiza-Vis Island, natural bays and caves and various adventurous activities waiting for you on the trip.

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