"No words can describe that place, you just have to come and see it for yourself!"

Kornelija Slunjski loves the ‘Sails Up’ idea because: “I know how many gems of nature my country has to offer but I had never before visited any of them.”

She is a Croatian girl from the country’s capital, Zagreb. She thinks of herself as a person who loves trying new interesting things, enjoys life and everything life . Loves meeting new people, exploring new things and places.

SAILS UP: What was your favourite moment on Sails Up?

KORNELIJA: It’s not possible to pick just one, but the first one which blew my mind was when we all finally settled down, put away our things, were just sitting on the deck, listening to some amazing chill out music and had a few bites to eat. I am never going to forget that feeling of sailing on the open sea, the salty wind in my hair. You just look around and can’t believe that you are actually here. That moment of freedom I am going to cherish forever.  

SAILS UP: What are your favourite spots on Sails Up and why?

KORNELIJA: Palmižana bay. I absolutely love and adore that place. I have been going to Hvar for a few years now, but Palmižana always seems to surprise me and never fails to leave a big smile on my face. One of the jewels of Palmižana is the Laganinilounge bar. No words can describe that place, you just have to come and see it for yourself. It is like a bit of magic that came down o Earth. An amazing atmosphere, food, sea, people around you. I actually think that is one of my favourite places ever, and I have been to a lot of “prominent” places. Another one of my favourite places is a restaurant, Totos, also in Palmižana bay. I am a food lover, and some of those dishes remain in my mind, I am craving to taste them again :)

SAILS UP: What do you like the most about Sails Up?

KORNELIJA: Sails Up connects the best parts of Croatia. As simple as that. A lot of people love to travel but it is hard to organize everything. That is why the Sails Up crew did a phenomenal job. You have it all. Some like to party hard, some like to go sightseeing, some like to explore new food, ways of life… With Sails Up, you can do every single one of those things.

SAILS UP: What do you like the most about sailing?

KORNELIJA: I love the fact that you can go wherever you want. Explore amazing beaches, bays, or just sail the open sea and enjoy sea life. You can anchor anywhere and just swim, dive, have fun on the boat and around it. My crew and me even went jumping off a cliff one day. That was amazing.

SAILS UP: Is it hard to spend seven days in a boat with people you don’t know?

KORNELIJA: At first you think it is going to be. But you realize that all of these people are young, want to have fun and make the best out of this experience. I love meeting new people. Different stories, lives, new ways of thinking, dealing with some situations and … you just learn a lot about yourself. But also, it was summertime. No time for worries, stress and those kinds of things that disturb you in your everyday life.

korni 2


SAILS UP: What is an ordinary day on Sails Up like?

KORNELIJA: I am a long sleeper so when I woke up, we were usually already at sea, travelling somewhere. But in general – wake up, have a few bites to eat and listen to the skipper telling you about the day plan. Sometimes we woke up in a different city from the day before, and sometimes we just started to sail to our next destination. But the time goes by really fast when you are sailing. The girls and I used that time to relax on the deck, chat, listen to music, sunbathe and just enjoy the view.  Then we stopped somewhere, went out for lunch, or we made lunch in our kitchen. Meanwhile, some of the crew were taking a swim, some were scuba diving, sleeping… At night, some of the places we have been to have amazing night parties. Hvar is one of the best party places in Croatia in general. So we went out, explored the clubs, drank, danced… Everything in Hvar is within walking distance so you can go to the boat if you are tired or have fun until dawn.

SAILS UP: Why should people come to Sails Up?

KORNELIJA: It is one of those “once in a life time” kind of an experience. A week of pure joy, relaxation and pleasure. I never imagined that I would actually discover so many great, interesting places in my own country. Croatia has one of the most beautiful seas in the world and the Sails Up trip gives you a chance to visit some of the most beautiful places on Earth (without exaggeration). Also, you will most definitely meet a lot of amazing people from all over the world and take back memories that will last a lifetime.

korni 3


SAILS UP: Will you go to Sails Up next year as well and why?

KORNELIJA: I would go next year and the year after that and the one after that, I am simply so happy when I think about that week I spent with the Sails Up program. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Everything was just right. The people, the parties, the weather… Simply amazing.

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