"There are no words to describe the happiness and the joy you feel."

Nika Ojdanic is an 18-year-old high school student. She tries  to be surrounded by people like her most of the time – positive, ambitious, with good vibes and energy. She has been interested in modelling since she was 14 and she got lucky, went abroad and entered the world of fashion. It made her grow up faster but she is thankful for that today.

SAILS UP: What was your favourite moment on Sails Up?

NIKA: I can’t say I have a favourite moment, all of them  – the time I spent with the people there, the places we visited…, they we’re all my favourite because the feeling of happiness and joy was always there and I think that is the most important thing .


SAILS UP: What are your favourite spots on Sails Up and why?

NIKA: Well, as I’ve said already, there were no favourites on this trip. The places we saw and the experience itself, they were all just amazing. But there was one place that I fell in love with – Laganini. Good music, good food and wine, amazing views, positive vibes,…it was simply magical and unforgettable. (thumbs up for the second time we went there :))

SAILS UP: What do you like the most about Sails Up?

NIKA: I loved spontaneity and positivity.


SAILS UP: What do you like the most about sailing?

NIKA: For me it was the second time I went sailing. I don’t even remember the first experience, but this one will stay in my heart forever. I just love how peaceful you can be on the boat, sailing through the waves in the middle of the sea. There are no words to describe the happiness and the joy you feel.

SAILS UP: Is it hard to spend seven days on a boat with people you don’t know?

NIKA: At first I was a little worried how we will make it work, because there’s nowhere to hide on the boat to be alone, especially with 6 or 7 people. But from the moment I met my fellow sailors I knew the trip was goanna be awesome. 

SAILS UP: What is an ordinary day on Sails Up like?

NIKA: Basically you wake up (when you want) with the most gorgeous view there is – the sea. The sun is shining and you are already sailing towards a new destination. No worries, you just go with the flow and do what you like. We actually filmed a lot so we were quite busy (not all the time) during the day, but when the sun went down the party started, music, drinks, pranks etc 🙂

SAILS UP: Why should people come to Sails Up?

NIKA: People should come to Sails up because it’s something unforgettable, the adventures they offer are amazing and overall the experience is fresh and new and I’m always up to trying new things… so people, sign up – you won’t regret it 😉


SAILS UP: Will you go to Sails Up next year as well and why?

NIKA: I am definitely in for next year! I fell in love with sailing and Sails Up, so I have already decided at the end of the trip that I HAVE TO go again next year! Soooo summer 2014 – hurry up!

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