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In the case of pay per spot booking you can book up to 5 spots. Choose whole boat booking option for 6 or 8 people’s crew. In the case of Whole boat, mixed crew booking ratio of 50% of girls applies. It means that a boat should have at least 50% girls on board. You can find details about Yachts & booking info HERE.


A skipper comes automatically with your yacht if you choose pay per spot option. Find more info HERE.


We can provide you with an option to book a hostess for a week. Tick a box to add a hostess. Find more info HERE.

If you face any difficulties with your booking, please let us know and contact us on info@sails-up.eu.

Important notice

Only boats for 6 and 8 people are available. The price of the whole boat is fixed!

You have chosen X people that's why we assigned a boat for Y people to your booking.

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