How it works?

At Sails Up many people sail together for a week and experience the time of their lives. You will spend seven days on the sea and witness the most breathtaking islands the Sails Up has to offer. If you are maybe interested in sailing with your friends on your own, please write us HERE. Individual departures are possible in June, July, August and September.

How it works 2
How it works 5


If you can’t sail – no worries! We can provide professional skippers. Every single one of them is full of fun and will add to the outstanding experience.

Most of the people who join us have never been on a sailboat before. Our goal is to make it possible for everyone to join and have the time of their lives! We provide skippers that will help you navigate your sailboat throughout the week. Our professional skippers are experienced sailors. They know the local waters and their responsibilities include knowing how to manage and navigate a boat, to understand the weather and tides and the many other things which effect modern nautical tourism, including the best places to visit and where to take you in the evenings.

You can put yourself and your friends in the hands of our experienced skippers and fully enjoy your vacation without any worries. The skipper will be a friend and he or she will stay with you on the sailboat throughout the whole week and, if you want to, teach you how to sail!

I have learnt that most of the fears about sailing are based on false stories or misconceptions that always fade away after a day or two.



  • You have your own sailboat and private skipper that guides you around beautiful islands.
  • You are always a few meters away from swimming in the sea.
  • Every day you see a different sunset. Every day there are new island to explore.
  • Ocean view 24/7 with access to food and drinks from the kitchen.
  • It’s always sunny on the deck and a fresh breeze is always in your hair ensuring the best possible tan.
  • Sailboat allows you to access beautiful natural bays for a nice lunch stop and an opportunity to take a swim.
  • Imagine peace, quietness, swimming and diving during the day just with people you love and the evening to enjoy with new friends that you met.
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Tipical day


  • 9-11am you wake up and eat breakfast on the sailboat
  • 10am-12pm time to leave the port and set sail.
  • 12-2pm lunch stop in a nice natural bay. The sailboat will stay at anchor for 1-2 hours while you swim around, have lunch and relax.
  • 2-4pm sail towards the next port. Enjoy the sun and relax on the deck.
  • 4-6pm arrive at the port. If you arrive early you might stay in the port and be able to walk ashore.
  • 6-8pm dinner in a restaurant in the town or on the sailboat.
  • 8-11pm drinks and socialising on the sailboats.
  • 10pm-12am if you want you can leave the sailboat and join us at the Sails Up party for the evening.


  • Unless you are in a port connected to land there is no 230V electricity on the sailboats, only 12V. All sailboats have a stereo, fridge, stove/cooker, toilets and showers.
  • Pack light! Don’t bring too many bags and make sure bags are soft.
  • If you have additional questions please look at our FAQ or email us at
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