Route & activities

You will spend seven days sailing the most breath-taking islands in Croatia. Together with great people from all over the world you will explore historic towns, relax on board your own sailboat and spend the time of your life at the hottest local spots.


  • Swim in some of the clearest blue waters in the world
  • Experience magical sunrises & sunsets
  • Take a scooter tour around historic sights on Vis island
  • Step up to the helm and learn to sail
  • Sample some of the Mediterranean’s finest cuisine
  • Party like never before in Hvar
Marina Kastela

Your Marina

The Marina Kastela is located a short drive from Split Airport. Your sailboat will be available for you and your crew at around 4pm on the departure day. We recommend that you arrive at the marina by 12am at the latest in order to have time to prepare for departure and to have a chance to meet your fellow sailors before heading out to the sea!

Sails Up is made to have fun, to enjoy your life at maximum!

Sesula – Solta Island

We’re off to a relaxed start at the charming bay of Sesula. After a couple hours of sailing we will arrive to the pine-tree framed bay of Sesula for swimming and dinner. You will have time to enjoy drinks on the deck and watch a breathtaking sunset. Sesula bay is the perfect place to start a sailing week and to socialise with other crews!


Hvar 5

Hvar – Hvar Island

Island of Hvar has been voted as one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world. With its picturesque, palm-dotted, bar-lined promenade, Hvar is a must-see port. Local attractions include the hilltop fort and a famous town square, not to mention one heck of nightlife! Hvar has become the most popular destination for a crazy night out on the Adriatic. As the night progresses, people begin to gather around the many cafes and hotel terraces with live music. The party never stops. Be prepared for a great night!

Hvar 4

Sails Up offered me everything that I wanted and more: partying, chilling, adrenaline…

Pakleni islands

Pakleni islands are part of the Hvar archipelago, and we can say without exaggeration, they are the most beautiful on the entire Croatian coast. Upon arriving to the Pakleni Islands we will enjoy a relaxed afternoon. Our favourite spot is Laganini Lounge Bar. There you can experience the perfect Palmizana moment watching the sunset over Vinogradisce, as you sip a fabulous Laganini cocktail and enjoy freshly caught grilled fish.
Pakleni Islands

Komiza – Vis Island

Untouched and charming Komiza is a small fishing village located on the western bay of Vis island. It is a typical Mediterranean town with narrow streets, houses squeezed together around the harbor and beaches. There you will have time for sight-seeing, relaxing, swimming and lunch. Make sure you take a walk around to explore the little village and numerous small shops or treat yourself with a great ice cream.
Komiza 7
We also suggest renting a scooter or car and going around the island to observe a great panoramic view and to go for a swim at the most amazing beaches. You will be amazed on the beauty Vis island has to offer.

Pakleni Islands 2
Adventure 3
Komiza 5

The best part was when the wind was blowing strong and we were sailing at almost 40 degree angle with 9 knots!

Natural bays and caves

We will sail to the countless hidden beaches and caves of the island of Vis, Brac and Bisevo. The Blue Cave on Bisevo island is the best known natural attraction in that part of the Adriatic sea! The specific silver-blue light inside of the Cave is a unique experience and a must-see.

We also recommend you stopping at the beautiful bay of Stiniva beach to have a swim in clear green water.

Stiniva beach

Stiniva beach 2

Adventure 2

Adventurous activities

Beside the places you will visit with us, we are offering you very interesting activities. To enjoy your holiday to the fullest you can go on a Scooter tour around island of Vis, have a possibility of cliff diving and perform other acrobatic moves on your sailboat. Each night we will organize special Sails Up parties for the crew! You will have plenty of chances to continue your day in the late night hours.

Keen to come aboard? We’d love to have you! BOOK YOUR YACHT NOW.

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