What is included?

We’ll make your life on the sea as easy and relaxing as possible. Your skipper will take you to hidden caves, calm lagoons, perfect spots for cliff diving, and many, many more places. In addition to the fantastic experience, there are a lot of other things that will be included in the price of your trip.

  • 7 Days accommodation aboard your own sailboat
  • Sailboat equipment (dinghy, stereo & cockpit speakers, bedding)
  • All taxes and check-out cleaning
  • Explore the islands on your own luxury sailboat
  • Possibility of learning how to sail
  • Daily swim stops
  • Discounted day trips, scooter and car hire

Starting from 579 € / person.


I would recommend the Sails Up to everyone! Especially to the young and adventures, who wouldn’t only like to think out of the box, but to live outside it too.

Additional costs

Fuel costs and port fees are not included in the package. Port fees vary from place to place and you will also have different options if you want to keep the cost down. Normally you can choose between staying in a port, marina, buoy, or anchor.

In addition to these costs, you have to pay for your own food and drinks on site. Food is usually eaten on the sailboat and this will be quite affordable since you can buy everything from supermarkets.

Total costs per sailboat

If you can’t sail, we can provide an option to sail with a professional skipper that will help you navigate your sailboat throughout the week. Read more about the cost of a skipper HERE.

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