The Concept

The concept


Sails Up provides an adventurous experience of sailing, sightseeing, entertainment and so much more. Spend seven days on the sea together with people from all over the world and witness the most breath-taking islands the Sails Up has to offer. Explore historic towns, relax on board your own sailboat and have the time of your life at the hottest local spots.


Every day is exceptional. Every night is magical. Crystal clear water, lagoons and beaches, beautiful Croatian islands, cities, cuisine, cliff diving, magical sunrises and sunsets on the sea, and ultimate sailing parties will make the best experience of your life.

The concept 1

Sails Up is offering a new experience, new natural and cultural wonders, new party venue every day all mixed with the beauty of the sailing sport.


Who can apply?

Everyone can apply! We welcome sailors of all abilities and can provide an option to sail with a professional skipper (if you don’t have any previous experience in sailing). Gather your friends and be part of an amazing voyage on Croatian waters. Join us by choosing a sailing week and a sailboat to accommodate you and your friends.

How to join?

You can join us individually or as a group. The sailboats accommodate 6-10 people depending on the size of the vessel. You and your friends can book a sailboat, with or without a skipper supplied by us. Go to the site Yachts & booking info and find out more about our sailboats and booking options we offer.

Route & activities

We prepared the most adventurous route & activities. Find out more.

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Parties & nightlife

Each night we organize special Sails Up parties for the crew. Check it out.

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How it works?

Get to know more about the trip and how it can work for you, even if you can’t sail.

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Book your week now! And experience the best summer of your life.

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