The Route & programme

Here is our itinerary for the yacht trip. If you have any personal wishes please contact us and check for possible arrangements.


Split 3

Split is a historic town under UNESCO protection and part of the World Heritage Sites. There is an abundance of Roman architecture. One such historic site is the magnificent Diocletian palace, once inhabited by the Roman Emperor. Some have described Split as the craziest city in the world.  But the real beauty of Split is found precisely in the perfect harmony of all of its differences.  Split is a city which lives a modern way of life but respects and revels in its glorious history.  What an amazing history they have? The city can boast of an extremely rich history beginning with the Ancient Greeks and Romans, followed by Hungarian, Venetian, French and Austrian influences.  Each one of those cultures has left an indelible mark on both the people and architecture, creating an eclectic collection of Romanic, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Modern Architecture.


Hvar 1

Don’t stress yourself too much since you will be arriving to Hvar later in the day. With its picturesque, palm-dotted, bar-lined promenade, Hvar is a must-see port. Local attractions include the hilltop fort and famous town square. This jet-set town is known for its superb nightlife and well as visitors like Tom Cruise, Beyoncé and Jay Z, Spielberg, Prince Harry and many others regular celebrity guests. It’s the place to be, so get dressed and ready to go!


The Island of Hvar is consistently rated among the top 10 islands of the world by Conde Nast Travel magazine. The American tourist magazine, TRAVEL- LEISURE acclaimed the Island of Hvar as one of the World’s Top 10 Island Destinations, and as the Most Glamorous Adriatic island.

Hvar is known as the “Island of Lavender” for its many lavender fields scattered throughout the island. It is also well known for one of the two most prestigious winemaking zones in Croatia.  Vineyards on the southern side of the island produce the famous red wine “Plavac Mali” while the central plain is best known for its white wine.

On the first day you will visit the nearby island of Vis. Because of its isolation, Vis has a special charm and captures the spirit of ‘the Mediterranean as it once was’. The first stop will be at The Green Cave – one of the most well-known destinations on the Adriatic because of its natural beauty.  It has also gained popularity as a show cave because of the glowing green light that appears at certain times of the day. Our second stop is the Stiniva Cove, one of the most famous bays on the Island of Vis. During the short stop you will be offered wine while you take in the sites and sounds. From there we will hop to the small neighbouring Island of Bisevo, famous for its Blue Cave, which is a rare natural phenomenon. Komiza town is our next destination – a picturesque village known for its rich cultural, historical and fishing traditions. Lunch will be served in Jastozera restaurant, renowned for its lobsters. Jastozera’s history on the island goes back to 1883 when Jastozera was built to bread lobsters. In 2002, Jastozera was transformed into a restaurant with a rich offer of fish specialties and gourmand delicacies from Vis.

The second day will be spent visiting a the private Island-club, Carpe Diem , which turns into a club at night, providing you an unforgettable day and night experience.  For those who just want to relax, a team of professional masseurs will on hand to give you a relaxing open-air massage anytime.  There will be a barbecue lunch in the Carpe Diem Beach Club serving fresh organic local food.  A Captain’s Gala Dinner with a star chef and celebrity guest will be served in the exclusive Carpe Diem VIP Lounge.

The last day on Hvar will be dedicated to enjoying some of the best things life has to offer – wine, food and adventure. Driving in Classic VW Bug convertible cars, we will visit some of the best vineries in Croatia. This glorious full day tour begins in the “heart of Hvar Island’’.  We’ll head south, passing through the 1,400 meter long stone tunnel to finally reach the island’s most important wine region—the lush vineyards located on the shore side cliffs.  Get ready for an amazing experience, sampling wines and learning facts about Croatian wines and winemakers such as Mike Grgich, whose wines are regularly served in the White House.


Korcula 1

As the reputed birthplace of the great explorer, Marco Polo, the Croatian Island of Korcula is a must-see for any cruise traveller. Its medieval Old Town, which juts out into the Dalmatian archipelago between Dubrovnik and Split, is surrounded by 14th century stone walls and is made up of a succession of narrow streets that branch off the spine of the main thoroughfare like a fish bone, designed to cut down on the impact of sun and wind to provide citizens with comfortable and sheltered accommodation.  It also helps visitors stay cool in the heat of the summer sun.

A fascinating place to explore, the Old Town has numerous gothic, renaissance and baroque palaces, monuments and galleries. There will be a stop for lunch and opportunity to swim in one of the secluded bays en route.


Dubrovnik 1

“Those who seek paradise on earth should come to Dubrovnik.” – George Bernard Shaw

What words could be used to describe this unique place in the world? Indeed any such attempt would spoil your personal experience of Dubrovnik. It simply has to be experienced on a personal level.  That is exactly why we will let you create your own plan to live in Dubrovnik for a day.  Your private concierge will be at your disposal for any advice and help, of course. We will also have reserved VIP section for our guests and friends at the famous Revelin Club.  Every year there is an endless list of celebrities and VIPs from all over the world enjoying the Dubrovnik summer spirit—do not be surprised to notice Bill Gates or Roman Abramovich sitting right next to you in a small cafe bar.

Dubrovnik 3


Trogir 1

As you meander through the twisted alleyways of this 2,800 year-old market town, past faded palaces, majestic castles, an imposing fortress and ancient stone homes, all half-shrouded by the mist lifting off the sea, you’ll be convinced you’ve been magically transported back in time. Surrounded by the sparkling sea and encased in 15th century stonewalls, this walking town is actually an island connected to the mainland by an old stone bridge.  Nicknamed “The Stone Beauty,” Trogir’s Romanesque-Gothic complex, the best-preserved in Central Europe, prompted UNESCO to add the entire town to its World Heritage List in 1997.

At the end of the day we will have a Captains Farewell Party with excellent DJs, dancers, cocktails and more surprises. Oh, did we mention that between every destination we will stop at numerous hidden places and lagunas for swimming and other activities?

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